Just as each child is unique, each session with Jennifer is different.  Sure she has a basic outline of the images she strives to capture, but your child is truly the boss for the day. Jennifer will take her lead from your child and when needed she can change gears very quickly to accommodate her little subjects.  Its completely normal to have a newborn who needs to nurse for 45 minutes before the session and that is perfectly okay! Some of the preschoolers take a few minutes to warm up, and thats okay too. Jennifer has three little ones and she loves to get down on the floor and play games and read books with her little subjects, its more like being at a playdate than a traditional portrait session.  Just as in motherhood a little patience and attention goes a long way with the little ones and will almost always result in a cooperative little subject. 

Jennifer wants your session to be a fun and enjoyable experience and approaches each session in a casual yet professional manner. To ensure a pleasant and relaxed experience all sessions are conducted with your child’s comfort in mind. Newborn sessions last approximately 2-3 hours, sometimes longer, while family and child portrait session typically last 1 - 2 hours.  There is no need to feel rushed or stressed during your session because Jennifer allows ample time for feeding and comforting your little one, diaper and clothing changes, snack breaks, etc. 

Before the session begins, Jennifer will meet with your child for just a few minutes to get a glimpse of his personality and demeanor. You are welcome to remain in the room during the shoot, but many children tend to loosen up around the camera more easily if you step out every so often. Jennifer will offer suggestions and guidance as needed, but often she will just sit back and take her cues from the child, which results in more natural, genuine shots. Some of her best images are taken at candid, unprepared moments.

Available by appointment only, Jennifer can either shoot in her studio or at the location of your choice, including your favorite beach, outdoor location, or even your own home. If you wish to have a session at your home, she will look for cozy nooks with raw patches of natural light, such as a cheery playroom, a cushiony bed to snuggle in, or even an outdoor spot with beautiful light.  Both home and studio sessions are very relaxed, and there is no need to worry about the house being in the perfect order, it is not uncommon for Jennifer to ask permission to move a few things around to make the perfect shot.